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Award-winning composer Jody Gray (Courage the Cowardly Dog, Abby’s Flying Fairy School) is the Musical Director, Composer and Songwriter for SPACE RACERS, a new CGI animated, science-based, pre-school series which debuted in May 2014 on public television stations in the U.S.

Space RacersThe team behind SPACE RACERS includes Creator and Executive Producer Richard Schweiger, Director Mark Risley (Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys) and Head Writer and Co-Producer Allan Neuwirth (The Octonauts, Word World). NASA is attached as official technical consultant on aspects of science and space technology within the series.

David Steven Cohen (Courage the Cowardly Dog, Arthur) and Neuwirth will be among the songwriting team as well.

According to Schweiger, "The goal for the show is to inspire children to learn more about space and science through our fun and adventurous world of talking spaceships."

Space Racers

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